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    If sitting outside a Parisian cafe is your idea of heaven, this set - with its elegant design and romantic detailing - is definitely the next best thing. Though you may not have a view of the Tour de Eiffel, al fresco dining will feel all the more luxurious with this added touch of garden grandeur. It’s made from metal, so expect it to be heavy, though the chairs are foldable so easy to stack away during the colder months.
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    Jim Beam 3Kg Natural Oak Lumpwood Charcoal with Chips
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    Made of heavy duty steel, this smoker has everything you need to cook meat to perfection. The cast iron cooking grates hold heat well and make it easy to get great sear marks.
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    Solar Flaming Torch Light 78 x 12cm in FSDU This solar flame torch light Built-in Intelligent IC, markedly improved the LED lights to the extremely realistic flames torches, vivid, lively, and stronger, create an atmosphere of joy for you and your family. Solar Flaming Torch Light is Ideal to decorate surrounding for the garden, patio, lawn, party, BBQ, camping, backyard, Halloween.
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  • Wrought Iron Mirror 55x3x104cm
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    Our Portable Table Top BBQ / Side Fire Box is Char-Griller’s newest addition to the Char-Griller family and can be used as a Table Top barbecue or you can mount it to your Char-Griller BBQ as a smoker attachment. Constructed of heavy steel with a steel wire cooking grate. It features a sliding drawer for easy access to coals/ashes and a stay cool handle. It also doubles as a small BBQ. With a 12 burger capacity and plenty of room for smoking wood, the Side Fire Box is a must have for any grilling enthusiast. Key features:
    • Heavy steel construction provides years of durability
    • Regulate heat and smoke with side air vents
    • Double steel bottom holds in the heat and prevents burnout
    • Sliding drawer for easy access to coals and ashes
    • Easy dump ash pan and Stay Cool wood handle
    • Cast iron coated cooking grates for even heating
    • Fire grate holds coals off the bottom for better heat distribution
    • Cooking surface: 36 x 43 cm
    • Width: 63 x Height: 45 x Depth: 50.5 cm
    • Weight: 17 kg
    • Fits the Chargriller Pro Deluxe, Wrangler, Outlaw and Duo as a Side Fire Box
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    Magnificent small medium sized charcoal barbecue for a family or a small group of people.A barbecue made with the best materials, at a very reasonable price. The best value in the market. Measurements: Length 53 cm, Width 79 cm, Height 112 cm Manufacturing material: steel, iron, wood.
    • Tubular Steel Cart
    • Heavy steel body and pulverized layer for longer life
    • Easy assembly
    • Cast iron cooking surface for homogeneous heat
    • Double air vent - better temperature control
    • Ash tray
    • False bottom
    • 1 wooden side shelf
    • Base with metal shelf
    • Its structure is made of tubular steel to provide great resistance to it.
    • It includes a double air control system that will allow cooking more than effectively. You can cook more intensely by closing the top lid.
    • It includes a sliding tray that will allow you to introduce the charcoal or firewood as well as to clean the product. Therefore, the most resistant materials merge with a highly efficient design to be able to cook for a huge number of diners.
    • Your parties and evenings will never be the same after using this barbecue.
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    Grilling everywhere and always Barbecuing with your friends, family or just the two of you wherever you want: with the Barbecook Joya it is possible. Everyone prepares his or her own dish on this compact and safe table grill. In addition to good heat conduction, the insulating ceramic tub also ensures a lot of safety, because the tub is never dangerously hot. Thanks to its silicone feet, the barbecue always stays firmly on the table. Easy cleaning Clean the grill grid and the stainless steel after use inner tub simple in the dishwasher . The outer shell is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The table barbecue is supplied complete with grill tabs, a grill grate, cooking grate and four bamboo tongs, so that the Barbecook Joya is immediately ready for use.
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    The Char-Griller Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill & Smoker is the NEW standard in kettle grills. Unlike your typical kettle grill, the Char-Griller Premium Kettle features a hinged lid that allows our backyard chefs to have both hands free as they craft their culinary masterpiece. The 0.245 sq m of total cooking area can accommodate a turkey large enough to feed a family of 8 while the fold up side shelves allow for both food preparation convenience and compact storage. In addition, dual damper controls allow you to adjust the airflow for precise temperature control and the built-in temperature gauge allows for accurate measurement. Easily add charcoal and wood chips to your grill with the charcoal access point and the easy dump ash pan makes for quick and painless cleanup. Total Cooking area: 0.245 sq m (379 sq. in)
    • Hinged lid & fold up side shelves allows for food prep and compact storage
    • Add charcoal or wood chips to your grill with the easy access Point
    • Precise temperature control with the dual damper controls and built in temperature gauge allows for accurate measurement
    • Charcoal access point
    • Easy dump ash tray for quick clean up
    • Four vents are better than two - excels at both hot and fast (grilling) or low and slow (barbecue) cooking because it's unique capsule shape combined with 4-point venting makes it so easy to set up and deliver the goods
    • Durable Aluminium Construction
    • Length: 76 cm
    • Width: 71 cm
    • Height: 104 cm
    • Weight: 28 kg
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    • Durable granite base
    • Great piece for your garden
    • Creates a warm, glowing atmosphere
    Information A beautiful addition to your garden, this Fire Bowl With Granite Stand is the perfect focal piece for your outdoor space. Whether you're hosting a garden party or simply looking to spend the evening outdoors, this fire pit is designed to create a warm, glowing atmosphere. Designed with a metal basin and a granite base, this is durable enough to withstand the elements. Specification
    • Height: 23cm
    • Width: 59cm
    • Depth: 59cm
    • Weight: 100kg
    • Material: Granite
  • stainless steel lantern 183012 size 23 x 22.5 x 42.5 cm