Reaching up to around a metre tall and wide, the attractive foliage is variegated in creamy white or even light yellow. The show stopping flowers are the real star and what makes this plant unique, being the first ever variegated Pieris variety to carry the masses of lily-of-the-valley-like flowers in deep red-purple.
The plant is attractive in bud as they form over several weeks, to burst out in all their glory in Spring, lasting for several weeks. Later on, new shoots on the plant are produced in vivid shades of burgundy-scarlet-red, making for season long interest, and a real winner of an evergreen plant for the patio or garden. The blooms even carry a light fragrance.
This Pieris is perfect for a mixed border among dwarf conifers, combined with other shrubs and evergreen, or it will simply also look great in a large pot on a patio.