Ideal Gift Plant for Home or Office

Zelkova parvifolia. Japanese Elm. The so-called indoor trees are mostly trees from tropical origins, that do not support low temperatures. We must place them indoors, always close to a source of natural light. It is a semi-deciduous tree well known for its small leaves and characteristic bark.

Location: In Mediterranean climates, place outdoor in direct sunlight all year round. In colder climates it may lose its leaves, making it a deciduous tree. The leaves will blossom again in Spring.

Watering: Plenty of water during the summer months and moderate in Spring.

Curiosities: Elm wood is very resilient when kept constantly in water and due to this property it is used to build boats, bridges, dams, outdoor stages and general carpentry.

Note: The shape and measurements of the bonsais are approximate. The colour and shape of the pot may vary from that of the photo. A bonsai is a living being.